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Passion Fruit Zombie

The Zombie is a popular tiki cocktail. It is filled with rum & fruits & is known to be one of the most powerful cocktails you can make. The only problem is that no one can agree how to make it! Instead of trying to recreate it exactly we have given it a passion fruit twist.


25ml velvet falernum
20ml white overproof rum
20ml white rum
20ml aged rum
20ml golden rum
15ml navy rum
15ml lime juice
25ml passion fruit purée
10ml passion fruit syrup
100ml pineapple juice
1 fresh passion fruit
3 dashes angostura bitters
Pineapple leaves
Cubed ice


Cocktail shaker


Add all of the liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker, as well as the flesh of half a passion fruit. Save the rest for your garnish.

Fill the shaker with as much cubed ice as you can, then shake it really hard – the pineapple juice should give a nice foam when shaken hard enough.

Strain into a very tall glass full of cubed ice, then garnish with the pineapple leaves, berries & passion fruit half.