YOur QuestiOns AnsWered

If you're thinking about making a booking or visiting one of our restaurants soon, here's everything you might need to know.

Our Restaurants

How can I contact a restaurant?

You can find each restaurant's contact details including phone numbers and email addresses on their individual location page – find your restaurant here.

When are your restaurants open?

You can find all of the latest information about each restaurant on their individual location page – find your restaurant here. Sometimes our restaurants may need to amend their opening hours due to local events or unexpected circumstances. If you are planning to visit and want to confirm opening hours please get in touch with the restaurant directly.

Booking a Table

How can I book a table or make an enquiry about an existing booking?

Please use our website booking form or contact the restaurant directly. All contact details can be found on individual location pages – find your restaurant here.

Do I need to pre-order?

We will sometimes require a pre-order, particularly for larger party bookings. If one is required your lead booker will be informed via their booking confirmation, and will receive a further email as soon as pre-orders are open.

Can I book a table outdoors?

We are unable to take bookings specifically for outdoor tables due to unpredictable weather. If you would prefer to be seated outside you can include this request in your booking notes and our team will do their best to accommodate you, or you can get in touch with the restaurant directly to arrange this.

Can I book a table just for drinks?

Yes, we now accept drinks table bookings. See what's available using our online booking form.

Booking Amendments

How do I amend my booking?

Please contact the restaurant you are visiting directly. All contact details can be found on individual location pages – find your restaurant here.

If you'd prefer to amend your booking yourself, simply cancel your existing booking using the link at the bottom of your confirmation email, then rebook as required.

How do I cancel a booking?

Just click the 'cancel' link at the bottom of your booking confirmation email. If you have any issues trying to cancel the booking yourself, get in touch with the restaurant directly.

Cash & Card Payments

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take contactless and card payments only (except Amex). In exceptional circumstances however we are able to accept cash.

Allergen Information

Can you accommodate my allergy requirements?

Full allergen information can be found on our online menus, where you can filter dishes by specific allergies and dietary requirements, or scroll to the bottom of the page to download a full allergens PDF.

For more specific requirements, please contact the restaurant before your visit or speak to your host on arrival. Our team will be happy to let you know which dishes can be adapted to accommodate your requirements.


Is your meat Halal?

Our chicken and lamb is halal and HFA approved. All halal poultry and meat is pre-stunned in line with EU guidelines and our commitment to animal welfare.


When is Happy Hour?

In the vast majority of our restaurants, cocktails, mocktails & pitchers are 2FOR1 all day, every day, all year long, including bank holidays. Buy one, get the same one free.

The following restaurants are exempt from this offer: At Royal Festival Hall Happy Hour is available Friday & Saturday until 7pm then 10pm-close & Sunday-Thursday all day. Happy Hour is not available in Scotland or in our Center Parcs restaurants, but cocktails start from £7. Happy Hour offer excludes marked Premium Cocktails e.g. 818 Tequila.

Do you have to be over 18 to visit Las Iguanas?

All of our restaurants allow under 18s, although some locations are unable to accommodate minors later in the evening due to licensing – please check directly with your local restaurant. We cannot accept under-18's as part of Bottomless Brunch or Boozy Brunch bookings.

Bottomless Brunch

What's included in Bottomless Brunch?

Choose a main course and enjoy with unlimited cocktails, mocktails, beer, bubbles & spirits for 2 hours. Find out more here.

When is Bottomless Brunch available?

Standard Bottomless Brunch availability is Sunday-Friday 11am-7pm (last booking 5pm), Saturday 11am-5pm (last booking 3pm). Our restaurants sometimes need to amend these hours or withdraw Bottomless Brunch entirely due to local events. You can check availability for your preferred date and time by using our online booking form.

Does everyone on our table need to take part in Bottomless Brunch?

Yes, the entire party must take part in the Bottomless Brunch package.

Do you offer a non-alcoholic Bottomless Brunch?

Yes, we offer a mocktail and soft drink version of our Bottomless Brunch on request. This is available at the lower price of £25. Just let your server know on arrival.

Can under 18s join us for Bottomless Brunch?

No, the entire Bottomless Brunch party must be 18 or over.

Is Bottomless Brunch available in Scotland?

Due to Scottish licensing laws, unlimited drinks are unavailable in our Glasgow and Edinburgh restaurants. You can instead book a Boozy Brunch & enjoy two courses with five selected drinks for 90 minutes.


How long does a refund take?

Refunds can take up to 10 working days to pass through your bank into your account.

I have still not received my refund, who do I contact?

If you're still missing a refund after 10 working days, please email [email protected] and include details of the refund amount, time and date of your visit as well as some details on the circumstances around the missing refund. Our team will assist you with this as quickly as possible.


Can I use my Blue Light discount?

Yes, we accept Blue Light discount. You will receive 20% off food from the à la carte menu Sunday-Thursday. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Find full terms & conditions here.

Do you do a Student discount?

Yes, when you show us a valid student card you will receive 25% off food and drink from the à la carte menu Sunday-Thursday (except in Scotland where the discount applies to food only). With UniDays you will receive 30% off food from the à la carte menu Sunday-Thursday. Neither of these offers can be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Find full terms & conditions here.

Do you do an NHS discount?

All NHS workers get 50% off collection orders. Call your local restaurant or just pop in to redeem your discount & collect your order. Find out more here.


Who do I contact if I'm missing a receipt?

Please contact the restaurant you visited directly – find your restaurant's contact details here.

Who do I contact for a receipt or payment query?

Please contact the restaurant you visited directly – find your restaurant's contact details here.


Do you do anything special for birthdays?

If you're signed up to our mailing list and we know when your birthday is, you'll receive a special treat via email. If you want to check we have your birthday, just click on the link at the bottom of any of our emails where it says 'You can update your profile and change your restaurant here.'

When will I receive my birthday email?

You will receive your birthday voucher 7 days before your birthday, therefore you need to have signed up to our mailing list before this point in order to receive a birthday email.

Working at Las Iguanas

Can I apply for a job at Las Iguanas?

We're always looking for more people to join the celebration! Visit our Careers page to find out more about working for us, and see our current vacancies.

Who do I need to contact regarding references?

If you are an employee, or seeking a reference for one of our employees, please email [email protected].

My Iguanas FAQs

How can I get the My Iguanas App?

Your My Iguanas app is available to download from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Age restrictions

You must be over the age of 18 to download the My Iguanas App or access Latin Perks.

I don’t want to download an app, can I still join the club?

Of course! You can register and run your membership online too – visit

Can I add the My Iguanas card to my phone wallet?

Coming soon, you'll be able to save your card to your wallet.

How will I know I have a Latin Perk?

You can find your latest Latin Perks in the ‘Perks’ section of your app or on your online account. If you have push notifications enabled, we'll also let you know when you have something new incoming.

How do I redeem a Latin Perk?

Make sure you show your digital My Iguanas card or your My Iguanas code to a team member at the beginning of your visit and activate the offer you want to redeem on your account. Your activated offer will be applied to your bill.

Can we use more than one Latin Perk on our table?

We can only scan one My Iguanas code and redeem one perk per table. (Coming soon you’ll be able to share your visit/receipt with your friends or family so they can also register their visit).

Can I use my perks at the same time as ordering and paying on my phone?

You can redeem a perk if you have an open bill and are using your phone to add to it as you go. Please ask your server to apply your Latin Perk before you pay at the end of your meal. You can’t use a Latin Perk if you are using Order & Pay.


Do I earn points when I scan my My Iguanas card?

We don’t have a points-based club – instead we'll personalise your Latin Perks and offers based on how you use Las Iguanas when you visit.

How often will I get perks and offers on My Iguanas?

There will be Latin Perks available every month, and we don’t guarantee any particular Latin perks or frequency, but the more you visit Las Iguanas the more you’ll enjoy extra Latin Perks!


Can I book a table on the app?

Yes please click Book A Table. Otherwise you can book here.

Can I use My Iguanas everywhere?

You can use your My Iguanas in all Las Iguanas restaurants however you can't redeem Latin Perks in Center Parcs and some alcoholic drink perks may not be redeemable in Scotland due to local licensing restrictions. You can't use My Iguanas in Las Iguanas Gibraltar.

Can I use My Iguanas for delivery or click and collect?

Not at the moment, but we’re working on it!


As part of our sign-up process, you will be asked if you consent to SMS and email communications from us. We ask this just in case you want to remain informed of the other amazing offers and events we may offer! If you tick this box, then you are agreeing to receive any such updates from us which includes our newsletter.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter by going on our website and hitting ‘unsubscribe’ or by contacting our data protection team at [email protected].

This is a separate process from disabling My Iguanas App notifications, which you can control via the settings on your phone or my deleting the App.
If you wish us to delete all of your personal data, please contact our privacy team at [email protected].


How do I cancel my membership to the Latin Perks Scheme?

You can cancel your membership anytime by clicking ‘Delete my account’ on both the app and your online account.

Please bear in mind this only deletes your membership to the Latin Perks scheme. Deleting your account means you will no longer be able to access your membership and any perks that have been awarded to you will be lost. You are welcome to rejoin at any time, but we will not be able to add any previous perks awarded to you on your new account.

If you wish you change your preferences in relation to any of our communications with you, please follow the advice on our Privacy Policy.



You will receive offers and promotions personalised to you however inclusions and exclusions will apply to each individual offer and promotion as all our offers are subject to licensing restrictions and local regulations. Please make sure you check individual perk restrictions carefully. If you are in doubt then you can contact us.


How do I stop getting automatic notifications from the app?

As noted above, you can turn off push notifications from the app at any point by going onto the settings of your phone.

How do I stop the app from checking my location?

You can turn off your location settings at any time through your phone settings.