1 tsp fresh thyme, stalks removed and chopped
2 tbsp vegetable oil
440g sliced portobello mushrooms
1 tbsp (generous) garlic purée
½ tsp Andean (or Peruvian) spice blend
¼ tsp dried chilli flakes
5g fresh parsley chopped
Cracked black pepper and salt to taste
16.5cm wheat tortillas
Grated cheese mix (we use a mix of cheddar, wensleydale and mozzarella) or grated vegan cheese
Garlic and chilli butter (vegan butter with added garlic & chilli)
Tomato salsa to serve



  • To make the garlic mushroom mix, put the oil, garlic puree, thyme and mushrooms in a pan over a medium heat and start to colour. Add the spice and seasoning and cook for 10 minutes until soft.

  • Add the chopped parsley, remove from the heat and set aside to cool a little. Once cooled drain off any excess juice.

  • To assemble the quesadillas, take each tortilla, warm it in the microwave for a few seconds and then layer some grated cheese mix on one half.

  • Place a good layer of garlicky mushrooms on top and then another layer of cheese. Fold the tortilla in half over the filling and press down gently.

  • To cook the quesadillas smother both the top and underneath of the folded tortilla with the garlic and chilli butter and then cook on both sides in a dry non-stick frying pan until the cheese is melting and the mushroom filling is hot.

  • Remove from the pan, cut into two triangles and serve with tomato salsa on the side.