50ml cachaça
1 fresh lime
3tsp caster sugar
Crushed ice


Take one lime, cut the tips off the top & tail, then cut the lime into eight chunks. Add the lime pieces to a glass tumbler (use a thick, strong glass).

Add three bar spoons (or teaspoons) of caster sugar over the top of the lime.

Using a muddler or round ended rolling pin, crush the sugar and lime together. As you push the muddler down into the lime, twist it as well so that the abrasive texture of the sugar can cut into the skin of the lime and release the oil. When all the lime pieces are completely crushed so that all the juice has been extracted, add a little crushed ice (so that the glass is half filled)…

Add 50ml of cachaça. Take a bar spoon and fold the ice, lime, sugar and cachaça into each other, add more crushed ice so that it sits proud above the drink.

This recipe has been adjusted for home use.