The most popular spirit you've never heard of!

Magnifica Cachaça

Cachaça is a sugar cane spirit. At Fazenda do Anil, where Magnifica is made, we plant our own sugar cane, harvest it, juice it, distill it and bottle it, guaranteeing its purity and its origin. There is a lot of passion and hard work involved!

You won’t find another cachaça like it, either in the UK or Brazil, just as you won’t find another caipirinha like ours.

What's the difference between Rum & Cachaça?

Rum was "invented" 150 years after cachaça. Despite being made from the same raw material, sugar cane, cachaça is different from rum: cachaça is made with the fresh juice extracted from the canes, while rum is made by distilling molasses, a by-product of sugar production.

Our caipirinhas are made with our very own Cachaça, Magnifica de Faria Las Iguanas.

For the last 30 years, Magnifica has been produced by the de Faria family in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro, in a unique triple copper pot still. This results in a top quality cachaça that has won international awards and is consistently ranked among the best in Brazil.

Cupula da Cachaça translates to 'Cachaça Experts Club's ranking' and our Cachaça has been ranked second place out of 1300 brands/products, that's got to be worth a try!

Caip O'Clock

Caipirinha - our favourite cocktail, translates as 'little country hick' or 'country bumpkin'. Made with lime, sugar, ice & cachaça - this is the true taste of Brazil.

Make your own at home with our Caipirinha cocktail recipe: