Our Vision & Mission

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Las Iguanas is all about having fun, and making sure that every guest leaves with a smile on their face. To make this really come to life, we have a vision of two queues coming into our business. These queues are not just boring, regular queues, but two conga lines dancing through our doors! A line of guests desperate to join the party, and a line of great people excited to join the team that make the party.

Alongside our vision, we also have a mission; to grow our business, so we can invest more and more in our teams. Doing things the Las Iguanas way is all about:

🙂 Doing whatever it takes to make sure that every guest leaves Las Iguanas with a smile on their face.

📢 Offering the guest lots of options by using SUMO instinct (Sell Up, Sell More and Sell On) to enhance their experience and entice them back to Las Iguanas.

🤹 Growing our culture, creating a place where people bring their real selves to the party and learn lots of new skills.

🎉 Bringing out the best in each other across the business, by making work fun, laughing with their guests and their team.

Everyone should be part of the party. So let’s grow together, show our guests a good time, and have some fun!

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