Allergens & Ingredients

Please make sure you let your server know if you have an allergy or dietary intolerance so they can make the kitchen team aware and assist with any queries.

All our dishes are prepared in kitchens where allergens (such as nuts, or flour) are commonly used and although we take great care in preparing your food, we cannot guarantee that any dish will be free from any allergens • Tree nuts include: Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Pistachio Nuts, Macadamia Nuts and Pecan Nuts. They do not include: Pine Nuts, Chestnuts, Coconut and other nuts. Ground Nuts (Peanuts) are declared under their own heading • Allergens present in the table condiments are not included in our allergen information • Chicken, beef and fish dishes may contain bones. Olives may contain stones • Our chicken and lamb are Halal • All dishes may contain ingredients not listed in their description • Please note our restaurant teams do not hold information on any allergens other than the 14 allergens listed in our allergy matrixes; due to the seriousness of allergies and food intolerances our restaurant teams will not be able to help select dishes. If you suffer from an allergy that is not covered in our allergen matrix then please contact guest services in advance of your visit and our food team will help you choose suitable dishes • Some of our fried dishes e.g. fries are made with vegan ingredients but cooked in a fryer with dairy products. You'll see them marked as Plant Based on our printed menus • Country of origin indicates style of cooking • Due to nationwide supply chain issues, some products are subject to availability and we may need to substitute an equivalent ingredient. Please check with the restaurant before visiting • Due to the current UK-wide supply challenges of free range eggs, some of our supply may, intermittently, be impacted and in some cases our supply may be sourced temporarily from barn eggs. Our Procurement team are working closely with our suppliers to minimise the likelihood of having to make any such changes. If you have any queries about the source of your eggs or any product on our menu, please ask the restaurant team or you can email us at [email protected].

Service Charge & More Information

An optional service charge may be added to your bill. Click here to find out more • We aren’t responsible for stolen or lost items • We may need to change or withdraw this menu from time-to-time due to local events • For full terms & conditions, click here • For Bottomless/Bubbly Brunch rules of the house, click here • Our policy is that only guests who can prove they are 18 & above can be served alcohol for their own consumption.

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