It's Carnival time


February is here - and already we can hear the sound of drumming in the streets of Brazil… The whole country is warming up for Carnaval!

Normal life will come to a complete standstill from 24th-28th February - but the party's already started!  There's a multitude of different carnival styles to tempt you, with each region and town having its own attractions to offer. You can choose samba or reggae, frevo or axe, maracatu or caboclinho -or one of many other rhythms- and dance your way through the streets, the balls, the parades.

During carnival, Rio de Janeiro hosts the biggest street party on the planet. By the beginning of March, 451 individual blocos - sound truck parties – will have paraded through the city's streets, attracting an estimated crowd of 5.5 million people! The celebrations are free, and there are blocos all over town, to suit every taste: from Beatles songs played in carnival style (Sargento Pimenta bloco), to Brazilian pop, roots samba, afro beat and so on. All you need is a makeshift costume and you're ready to join in the fun!

The samba schools parade at the Sambadrome on the 26th and 27th  of February, from late evening until dawn. This is the main event, and you'll need a ticket. You'll see the floats, the beautiful costumes, the sheer joy of the thousands of revellers who make up each individual samba school. Each school will present its chosen enredo, the theme that permeates the design and music of their procession. From the Tropicalia cultural movement, to the influence of African slaves on Latin American music, via the Arabian Nights - anything goes!


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Photo credit: Alexandre Macieira  Riotur