Cachaça (pronounced ka-sha-sah), is the national liquor of Brazil & the key ingredient in the famous Caipirinha cocktail.

Produced from sugar cane, Cachaça is also known as 'parati', 'canina', 'branquinha', 'aguardente de cana', 'pinga' or 'maldava' and quality ranges from real 'firewater' to delicious aged caramel and butterscotch flavoured varities.

Las Iguanas' very own Cachaça - Magnifica is produced from our own sugar cane fields in the town of Miguel Pereira, just outside of Rio de Janeiro. 

João Luiz, our master cachaça maker looks after our field of Las Iguanas sugar cane, harvests it, distills & bottles it, before shipping it to us in the UK.


Caip o'clock

Caipirinha - our favourite cocktail, translates as 'little country hick' or 'country bumpkin'.

Made with lime, sugar, ice & cachaça - this is the true taste of Brazil.

Make your own at home with our Caipirinha cocktail recipe